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Financial / Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

How to save money on flowers during your wedding day

People who do not want to overspend on flowers during their wedding can use the guideline below that will help them save on cost. The first step to take when planning for your wedding is by choosing flowers that you can quickly get during the time of your wedding. Flowers that are out of season are hard to get, and this will result in bearing with expensive rates. The florist should give you a list of flowers that will be in season at the time you will have your wedding for you to choose from the list. You can also consider using flowers in more than one event since they will still be in good condition. Flowers can maintain their condition for a maximum period of fourteen days which makes it possible to use same flowers in more than one occasion. You can share the flowers with another couple and get a refund percentage of the money used to purchase the flowers. You can also search online to see available bouquets from a first event which you can buy at a lower price which will help you save a lot on your wedding flowers.

The greenery flowers are cheaper than any other type of flowers and once you include more of the greenery flowers you will save a lot. You need to ask for different greenery options that you can select from to choose the best for decorating the venue. The flower arrangements that include many different types of flowers may be beautiful but also expensive. When you want to maintain a low budget you need to choose fewer kinds of flowers in the floral arrangement. Having to use few types of flowers in the arrangement will require the florist to order in large quantities which will lead to lower prices. You can reuse the flowers in your event by asking the florist to use the same flower in different . When you re-purpose on flowers you will save on cost since you will not have to buy more flowers to decorate both places. You should hire a florist within your local area to save on the cost of transport. When you choose a florist in your neighborhood they will choose a local supplier which eliminates the high cost of transportation that could translate to the price of flowers.

During the initial consultation with the florist, you need to make them understand the importance of staying within your budget. Ask the florist to choose bigger blooms to make the arrangement look fuller. You can also choose a wedding venue which does not require a lot of decorating so people will focus less on the flowers.