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Cheaper Strategies of Mounting Attic Fans

It often becomes hooter in some parts of the year. Such conditions call for the need of attic fans. The attic fans can help very much in cooling the houses. Some people can hire specialists to install the fans for them. Some methods may not require so much money as when the experts are used. In other situations you may be able to install the fans on your own without getting any help. This may save you the money that you may have sent in hiring such people. Reading below you will get some of the tips to fuse in mounting the fans.

An inspection of the vents is necessary when installing the fans. This involves measuring the temperature on a hot day. This will help in knowing whether your fan gets enough ventilation. Deciding on the types of a fan to install is also necessary. There are two different types of attic fans. The types include the roof fans and gable fans.

You will firsts need to make measurements. A consideration of the size of the fan is necessary for the installation. You need to measure to allow you do the calculations. The ratings of the fan come in cubic feet of the air moved per minute. You can know the fan that you need by squaring the feet that’s you get. The number you get you then multiply by 0.7. You will get from the multiplication the CFM of the fan.

Removing the older shutter is also necessary. In any case that the vent that you have is smaller than the fan you need to remove it. You then have to place the new fan over the hole of the older vent. Here again you are required to measure before you do any cutting. The vents should be accommodating enough. The cuttings should enable the fan to fit very well in the hole. Vent framing are not needed in cutting.

Lastly, you will have to mount the fan. Here there should be a piece of plywood that should be used in the mounting. The plywood should be fitted around the framing that surround the hole made. To place the whole directly above that which is made by the vent, you will have to fix the plywood on the walls. The cuts may be made very easily by using a jigsaw. The fan can be made safer by using screws. There should be a proper alignment of the fans.

Installation of an attic fan is so easy that there may be no need of help.

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